Enter a URL and the application will scan the website for malware and check its blacklist status.

Disclaimer: MalwareCheck.net is a remote website security scanner with limitted access. We don't ensure the accuracy of the results. Visit Fixmysite.com for a professional security scan.


MalwareCheck.net is a free website malware scanner built to help webmasters detect and fix security issues. The application can be used to scan any sort of website, including websites built with WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Scan results are presented in real time. There's no need to subscribe, downland or pay, simply enter a URL and press scan! The app will fetch the status codes, look for cloaked content, spammy links, scripts, iframes and check if the website is blacklisted.

Status Codes

The first check the application performs is to fetch the HTTP status codes. Checks are made for both Google Chrome and Google Bot. This way, you can quickly determine if your server is returning an error code or if your URL is redirecting to another location.


Cloaking is a blackhat SEO technique where the content presented to a website visitor is different than the content presented to search engines (e.g. bots and spiders). By performing two separate requests, as a regular visitor and a bot, our application quickly highlights any cloaked content.

Links, Scripts, and Iframes

On a compromised website, it's common to find injected spammy links, scripts and iframes. Our application will list any suspicious external resources. Though we do maintain a whitelist of popular services (e.g. Twitter, Google Maps, and Youtube), the results may include false positives.


Getting a website blacklisted can have a detrimental effect on a site's reputation. MalwareCheck.net will verify the domain's status with the 3 most popular authorities; Google Safebrowsing, Norton Safeweb, and McAfee Siteadvisor. To avoid harsh security warnings from web browsers and antiviruses, it's advised to fix a blacklisted as soon as possible.